Want to get fit but the gym is not for you? Want to level up your cardio while listening to a playlist of uplifting Bollywood songs? Join our incredible instructor Shashi for a fun-filled Bollywood dance workout.

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With years of experience, Shashi has what it takes to make you have so much fun that you don’t even notice you’re working out. Each class is an 45-minutes long, and is just $15!

A Bollyfit class begins with a warm-up, followed by jazz isolations, an amazing stretch, and several fun-filled, easy-to-follow Beginner Bollywood Dance choreographies designed to surprise and delight you while working out! The instructors explain one of two “pressure points” or “challenge steps” before each routine begins so you’re not feeling overwhelmed but remember, there’s no performance, there’s no test, there’s no exam – so come along, sweat it out and have fun!

Have a favourite song? Send your song suggestions to hello@dancemasala.com.au

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