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16th Dec, 2013


This was an amazing year for the Dance Masala performance team, with over 120 performances and workshops held in the community. Our team has morphed over the past year and gotten even stronger and more confident, which is so gratifying for me to watch. We were so blessed to have beautiful dancers like Shobha,…

23rd Nov, 2013


Last week, Emily and myself had the pleasure of watching one of our amazing dancers graduate from his Full-Time Dance program at Ikin Dance on the Gold Coast. Adam has been dancing with Dance Masala the longest, out of our entire team. When he first joined our classes (when we were Bollyfunk Dance), Adam…

29th Oct, 2013


Last year I made it my personal commitment to continue my own professional development myself through exploring different styles of fitness and dance. I have been lucky enough to explore so many different kinds of dance & yoga throughout this year, but most recently I have been doing flamenco lessons and aerial yoga.

I have…

21st Oct, 2013


I just had to share a lovely message we got back from a client for her daughter’s 21st party the other weekend. We danced for the lovely Natasha’s celebration and were able to include a performance to her favourite song. We loved receiving this feedback from her mother, Shareen, who was so pleased.

“Just wanted…

11th Oct, 2013


Among the many things in discussion for 2014, one thing is certain! Dance Masala is bringing in a term structure for our adult classes!

This is an alternative to our current week-by-week, pay as you go structure. There will be several options for students:

  • A casual rate
  • Casual Class Card (Buy five, get one free)
  • Discounted full term…

2nd Oct, 2013


I am so very grateful for the amazing year I have had since creating Dance Masala in December of 2012.

After Bollyfunk Dance decided to split at the end of 2012, I was so excited to create this new venture. I constantly found inspiration throughout this year from my awesome dancers, even more amazing friends,…