Juniors Classes

Dance Masala Bollywood kids classes and dance crews offer the opportunity for your children to excel in dance; be part of a team; and have incredible performance opportunities! We do all-styles of Bollywood Dance and have created a unique dance syllabus that develops well-rounded and confident young dancers. Our program builds upon each child’s skills as they progress through the year, encouraging their growth through self-reflection and feedback. We absolutely love kids and want them to shine, while doing something they love. Read more about our teaching ethos here. Our classes are held at two locations in Fortitude Valley & Newstead – full schedule below.

Term 4 is a 9-week term, running from the 12th of October – 7th of December.

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 Hello Africa Class Timetable

Download our 2019 Term 4 Timetable!

Thumkas (ages 3.5-5.5) | 12:30pm – 1:00pm | YCV Studios, Newstead with Drea

Rising Stars (Pure Bollywood – minimum age 7 years, max age 13) | 1:00pm – 2:00pm | YCV Studios, Newstead with Drea

Mini-Masalas (Semi-Classical & Folk Class – minimum age 5 years) | 2:00pm – 3:00pm | YCV Studios, Newstead with Drea

About Our Class Levels

No two children are the same. Each child possesses different abilities, and we take this into special consideration when recommending students for certain classes. While age is a factor in our decision, our main consideration when moving a child up a class is their ability & maturity level, as well as their enjoyment of the main style that each group does. We do not believe in accelerating a child when they will struggle in a tougher class, and, in turn, we do not believe in keeping a child who is excelling in a class in the same place. Comparison is the enemy of joy, which is why here at Dance Masala we promote an environment in which each child is allowed to progress at their own rate focusing on what they are interested in.

What to bring:

  • – A water bottle
  • – Dance Uniform – Dance Masala shirt & Black Leggings
  • – A lined exercise book for theory
  • – Pencils, and an eraser
  • – Payals are optional if the routine is semi-classical

Venue: Hello Africa, 16 Proe Street, Newstead

 EDC Class Timetable

Download our 2019 Term 4 Timetable!

Chingari Performance Company with Drea (Tapori & BollyHop Team – Invitation Only) | 10:00am – 11:30am | EDC Studios, Fortitude Valley

Teens Performance Company with Drea | 9:00am – 10:30am | EDC Studios, Fortitude Valley

About Our Class Levels

Our children’s Bollywood Teams have a higher expectation of choreography, commitment and performance. Chingari & Teens do a shared 30-minute technique class between the two classes. These classes are invitation/audition only. We are looking for a growth mindset, maturity and openness to feedback, as well as dance ability. If you are not sure if your child is right for a Bollywood Team – bring them to Rising Stars to have a chat with the teachers!

What to bring:

  • – A water bottle
  • – Dance Masala uniform – Dance Masala shirt & black leggings
  • – A lined exercise book for theory
  • – Pencils and an eraser

Venue: EDC Studio, L4 Judith Wright Centre, 420 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley (entry via Berwick St, next to the IMA).

Check out this amazing performance from Chingari & the Teens!

 Current Routines

Thumkas age 3.5 – 6


Mini-Masalas (Semi-Classical & Folk Class)


Rising Stars (Pure Bollywood Class)


Chingari (Tapori & BollyHop Crew)




 Fee Structure

Thumkas Weekly Payments – $18 per 30 min class

Thumkas Term Payment $120.00 per term (30 min classes)

Thumkas Semester Payment $280.00 per semester

Mini-Masalas & Rising Stars Weekly Payments – $20 (1-hour classes)

Mini-Masalas & Rising Stars Term Payments $159.00 per term (1 hour classes)

Mini Masalas & Rising Stars Semester Payments $300.00 (1-hour classes)

Chingari & Teens Casual Payment $30 per class (1.5-hour classes)

Chingari & Teens Term Payment $239.00 (1.5 hour classes)

Chingari & Teens Semester Payment $450.00 (1.5 hour classes)

Terms & Conditions of Payment for Dance Masala Bollywood Kids Classes:

    • – Payment is for your child’s nominated class only. All payments are non-refundable and nontransferable. If a student misses class, they are welcome to make it up at another Dance Masala class of their level during whichever term the student has enrolled for (including adult classes).
    • – If Dance Masala (in its absolute discretion) has to cancel a class, you will receive a credit for another class.
    • – Parents and guardians are asked to keep a record of their payments and receipts.
    • – Dance Masala reserve their right to use substitute instructors in the case of accident or illness (at the same rate).
    • – Parents and guardians agree to purchase appropriate costumes and equipment for their child’s group as required for performances. Each group has their own outfit for performance, and every Dance Masala student (from Mini-Masalas and above) needs a 96-page ruled exercise book for theory and something to write with.
    • – Parents and guardians are responsible for their and their children’s belongings and valuables at all times, Dance Masala accepts no responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of any belongings of any parent, guardian or child attending classes.
    • – Requests for term refunds will only be considered if given with 14 days cancellation notice from the term start date. If approved,  a $20 administration fee will be deducted + the fee for any class attended. Bookings canceled outside of the 14 day period will be indisputably non-refunded.

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