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Choreographer / Performance Company

Akshay Solanki trained as a professional dancer and choreographer in Vadodara, Gujrat before moving to Australia. An incredibly versatile dancer – Akshay has trained in contemporary, hip hop, Bollywood and Tapori forms of dance – specialising in hip hop. Akshay’s training came from “Tanzen House of Dance” Vadodara, which is owned and run by three people. Sumeet Pendam who assisted Remo D’Souza; was featured in both ABCD and ABCD2; was a participant in Dance India Dance 3. Jigar Gathge: participant in Dance India Dance Season 1. And finally, Santusht Kansara: Choreographer from Dance India Dance Lil Masters.

My biggest dance inspiration is Dharmesh Sir and Hrithik Roshan. When I used to watch Hrithik Roshan dancing on tv, I used to mimick his steps, but I got inspired to learn dance professionally after watching Dharmesh Sir. I started my training in 2011 and by 2014, I started teaching others to dance, while continuing my own training. I am still doing training!

I am excited to share what I’ve learnt and seen throughout my journey of dance. I cannot wait to share my passion for dance, the culture of dance in India and how it is done; as well as the styles and techniques that I have learned so far!!