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Founder / Principal / Choreographer / Dancer

“Dance enables us to lose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time”

Andrea Maria Lam (Drea) is founder of Dance Masala. She is a Choreographer, Performer, Trainer and Instructor; and also the manager of the Dance Masala Professional Team. Born to dance, Drea has been inspiring students with her passion for Bollywood dance and performance for the past six years. She is a mix of Macanese (Portuguese / Indian / Chinese) and Hong Kong Chinese.


Her Bollywood obsession began with the music and developed more after seeing the dance. Coming from a musical background, Drea was obsessed with psychedelic 60s and 70s Bollywood and Pakistani Lollywood; the cool compressed voices of Asha Bhosle and her sister Lata Mangeshkar; the interesting scales; and the many drums with their syncopated rhythms! Not to mention the theatricality of Bollywood dance as an art-form.

Drea’s true passion is dance, and her work ethic is evident in everything she does. No matter who the booking is for, or what the budget is, each client and student is as important as the next. In the Entertainment Industry, you will be hard pushed to find another manager who works as hard for her clients and for their own team!


She previously worked with Bollyfunk Dance from 2010-2012, rebranding their entertainment services, while honing her teaching skills and approach to Bollywood dance. She developed many classes and services with this company. Drea was featured in the Top 15 of SBS’ Bollywood Star which had over 250, 000 viewers an episode; she was also featured in FOX8′s Cricket Superstar and Channel 10′s Totally Wild teaching the contestants and hosts Bollywood. She has appeared in numerous other TV, media appearances and TVCs. She has performed for Jimmy Shergill (Mohabbatein) and worked with Dance India Dance choreographer, Urvashi Gandhi. She is a student of Lavani with her teacher, Amrita Joshi; and has previously studied and loved Bharatanatyam, Odissi, flamenco and hip hop.

Her Career Highlights include:

Choreographing two bespoke pieces for Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s Bollywood Concert in 2015

Developing interactive shows for QPAC’s Out of the Box in 2016, building on the Bollywood workshops developed for QPAC in 2014 and 2012

Choreographing for  (and performing alongside) Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar at their 2016 Tivoli Show

Working with her students in the studio ever week

Working with Dance India Dance contestant and choreographer Urvashi Gandhi

Chatting on the phone to Saroj Khan

Travelling and meeting dancers all through India, sharing their fire for dance