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Erika Goldsmith is a performing artist and cultural community development worker based in Brisbane.  Although a recent addition to the Dance Masala team, Erika has always had a passion for cultural dance.  She strongly believes in the importance of dance as a tool for self-expression and storytelling, for both individuals and communities. To this Bollywood is no exception! Erika was instantly inspired by Bollywood’s capacity to cross boundaries of culture, age, experience and gender, bringing people together in laughter.

She trained in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Musical Theatre for 15 years on the Sunshine Coast.  Since then she has studied a diverse range of cultural dance, including Latin American, Indigenous Australian, Indian and African. Erika is currently completing a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Dance) and Bachelor of Human Services at QUT.


Erika is an advocate for the physical and psychological benefits of dance and in July 2012 she completed a dance-therapy internship in East Timor. This inspired her to continue to explore dance-therapy. She has since used dance to work with people with disabilities, foster children, youth workers, federal police, the elderly, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups and other culturally diverse groups. “Dance is a language everyone can speak!”.


In Dance Masala Erika has found an exceptional group of people whose love of dance, culture and community, create an infectious atmosphere that brings out happiness in participants and audiences alike!