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My first class with Drea was in 2011. Since then I’ve had multiple opportunities to showcase my skills and my teacher’s excellent choreography. For me, Bollywood dancing is a passion and an outlet. It allows me to get lost in a word of colour and fun, while maintaining a high fitness level. I love the variety of opportunities that Dance Masala provides us as students, and company members, both to perform and engage in the greater community. As a choreographer, Drea engages her students in a wide variety of routines, inspired by different styles of dancing, from hip-hop to Classical Indian – and I love that.

When I was younger I pursued ballet, contemporary, jazz and hip-hop but found myself demotivated by elitism. It wasn’t until a few years later after testing the waters with martial arts that I was introduced to the energetic style of Bollywood. It was with Dance Masala that my passion and love for dancing and performing was re-ignited. Bollywood is great workout and it also allows me to immerse myself in a culture which upon starting classes, I knew very little about.

When I’m not dancing or spending time with my Bollywood family, you can find me studying my Bachelor of Creative Industries at QUT.