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Bhangra Captain
I started dancing bollywood as a little kid in Hindi school and always managed to find an excuse to continue performing as I grew up. Then I found Bhangra!

I’ve always loved the joyful music and energy of bhangra and have danced with Federation of Bhangra in Melbourne, as well as Sher-E Punjab & Rhythms Bhangra in Brisbane. I love dancing with the Dance Masala bhangra students and seeing bhangra bring out the energy, passion and enthusiasm from the group. It’s a team dance, and I enjoy working together with students to put up a good show on stage, which is always a crowd pleaser!

I hope to establish a stronger bhangra community here and start up a competitive team to represent Brisbane at the Australian bhangra competitions. Dance is something that’s always been a part of my life and will continue to be. I continue to dance Bollywood, and am also learning kathak.

I believe everyone can dance, and what matters the most to me as a teacher is that my students are having fun while learning in the supportive environment that Dance Masala has.
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