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My first dance performance was my first Bharatanatyam performance at the age of 8. I started learning this classical dance when I was 7 years old after being inspired by my mother, who started learning the art form at a very young age herself. I remember the lead up to my first performance being absolutely nerve-wracking, but the enjoyment I experienced from entertaining a crowd was worth all the nerves! That’s how I’ve grown to perceive dance – it’s all about fun and enjoyment. This is also what brought me to Dance Masala. After taking a break from 13 years of Bharatanatyam dancing, I was drawn to the vibrancy and diversity of Bollywood dance. I’ve always been in love with the expressive moves of Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit, and of course the larger than life nature of the industry itself.

Dance Masala has renewed my love for dance once more, and it has been a pleasure so far dancing with people who truly love Bollywood. I’m looking forward to many more memorable experiences with Dance Masala and the team.