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Performance Company / Early Years Juniors Coach / Choreographer

From the age of 7, Nisha has trained in the Classical Indian Artform of Bharatnatyam and Indian folk dance at the Nadananjali School of Dance under her guru Smt Chitra Yogi Srikanta. She has extensive experience both as a solo performer and choreographer, fusing together other dance forms with her classical dance, creating engaging semi-classical fusion. She is also a part of the Gujarati Association of Queensland (GAQ) community and is a dance facilitator for this community.


Her words to you:

“Dance to me is to inspire, whether it be yourself, your family, your friends, community, the public and if you dream big a city, a country maybe even the world.

When I walked into Dance Masala January 2013 I was looking for a place to express myself and be myself. I was instantly surrounded by passion, love and respect for who I am and my culture. I am always humbled to be a part of Dance Masala and the performance team. To me it’s a Bollywood Dance School that respects cultural dance which brings me joy and happiness each time I walk into training, class and performance. I can’t wait to share the joy of Bollywood dance with you.

I think we’re all a little nuts, it’s about individuality, respect and unity.”

Love Nisha