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Dancing is something I have been doing since I can remember, and is my passion. I am a classically trained Bharatha Natyam dancer, I started training when I was 4 and continued on well into my university years. But, acting well within my personality, I loved dancing so much that I decided that I wanted to try and dance other styles.   From then on, I started going to hip hop classes and ballet classes, two very different types of dance.

I feel that dance is important to me, because it is something in which I can let go and really pour my heart and soul into the choreography, making it into my own masterpiece. I love that, no matter what skill level you are at, what you are physically able to do or how coordinated you are, you can still enjoy yourself and find your own style of dance that suits you.

Dance Masala has shown me that Bollywood is definitely one of my favourite styles. It is rare to find something so energetic and full of personality with the flexibility to suit each person. The skills you learn can be utilised in your bedroom, on any dancefloor or on a stage. Being in the Performance Company for me is such an honour and I look forward to sharing my passion with every dance I do.