“Choreographed an authentic, beautiful and fun dance for us… and even helped us organise… a flashmob!”
When we were planning our wedding last year we knew we wanted to honour both our Indian and western cultures. As well as having two ceremonies on the same day we were crazy enough to decide we also needed to do two first dances! Everyone expected the usual slow romantic first dance, but we decided to surprise our guests by following it with some Bollywood! Our DJ recommended Andrea and Dance Masala and once we had watched a few youtube videos of their performances we knew we were in good hands… But could we pull it off? We needn’t have worried. Andrea was a fantastic teacher and choreographed an authentic, beautiful and fun dance for us that was easy to learn. At the end of our first 2 hour lesson she filmed us so that we could watch it back and practice and even helped us organise and teach some moves to our bridal party so they could join in as a flashmob at the end! All our guests loved the performance and many of them said the dance was the best part of the day. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and couldn’t recommend Dance Masala highly enough!
We’ll be in touch once we get our wedding video so we can show you our dance!
October 2015