Why Choose Us

Why choose Dance Masala for adult classes?

We pride ourselves on fantastic choreography as well as excellent teaching. You will walk out of our classes sweaty, smiling and ready to show off your Bollywood moves. Dance Masala is a community-orientated dance school – there is nothing more bonding than preparing together for a performance. Performance is integral to Bollywood dance – it builds confidence, improves technique, and gives our students an outlet to explore their joy and passion. Students are supported online, with practice videos and tools to take their dance to the next level; as well as full access to the Dance Masala community; to organise independent practice session and meet-ups. Dance Masala prioritises technique development, and can provide many opportunities for you to take your Bollywood to the next level… Be it intermediate / advanced classes; performance opportunities and more!

Bollywood dance is colourful, exciting and full of joyous energy; so bring an open mind, a positive mindset, and dance appropriate clothes*, and you are sure to have a great time.

*NOTE: Although many of our Bollywood heroes dance in jeans, however, we recommend leggings, harem pants, or tracksuit pants with some stretch / movement.


Photo by Tricia King – The Itchy Eyes 2013


Why come to our YONCÉ Class?

Our newly established YONCÉ Classes, focus on unleashing your full sass potential. This class is perfect for beginners with plenty of fun for those with dance experience and ideal for anyone dangerously in love with Beyoncé. All choreography and music pays homage to the Queen herself and is taught in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Why choose Dance Masala for kids classes?

Dance Masala has a unique curriculum for Bollywood dance engaging students with Indian dance fusion, while developing technique, confidence and price. Our commitments for children’s classes are as follows:

- To nurture as well as teach, and encourage children of all levels;

- To encourage by focusing on the positive aspects of each child’s development, and by giving them the tools to assess what needs further improvement;

- To create classroom leaders and role models, so that children have a framework of peer support; and

- To motivate our students in class with excellent teaching, and support them (while out of the studio) with online practice and technique videos 


Photo Credit: Portpholio 2014


Why choose Dance Masala for a Corporate Workshop?

For a team building day, or for a regular Bollywood workout program, our corporate workshop are the perfect way to reward your staff with a fun and energetic activity to help them de-stress. Dance Masala workshops are sure to help your staff unwind and destress, making them relaxed and happy and ultimately more productive. Our workshops are fantastic as an ice-breaker for in-house training, or as an addition or surprise for conferences and team building days. 


Dance Masala Performance Company at Woodford Folk Festival 2013-14. Photo by Manish Sandil.


Why book the Dance Masala Performance Company for your next big event or wedding?

Dance Masala’s performance company prides themselves in having the most energetic and beautiful ‘Pure Bollywood’ choreography in Brisbane. Our dancers are professionally trained; have a wealth of experience; and will deliver memorable performances with professionalism and grace. Visit us on facebook to check out and ‘like’ our page by clicking here; or browse our past performances via our YouTube!

Photo by Tricia King - The Itchy Eyes 2013

Photo by Tricia King – The Itchy Eyes 2013