(Editor’s Note 4th June 2014: This document was drafted and published in December of 2013 as a ‘coming out’ document about my mixed heritage as a director, and to outline our team’s professional ethos. This has since been refined and updated. If you would like to read an updated copy, please click here)

Dance Masala’s Vision is to:

Respectfully and authentically pay homage to Indian culture through excelling in Bollywood dance.

Dance Masala’s Mission is to:

Create inspiring fusion, while actively engaging in classical roots of Bollywood and the influence of regional specific folk-dance.


The following Values underpin Dance Masala’s Vision and Mission

  • Cultural Responsibilities
  • Respect
  • Diversity & Acceptance
  • Accessibility
  • Homage
  • Constant skill development

The Dance Masala Mission Statement

Dance Masala is proud to be a reflection of our multicultural society and engage a wide-range of ethnicities in Bollywood Dance. We believe in creating diversity, honouring hard work, and building a culture of respect in our classes. It is our pleasure to help promote and share Indian culture in Australia.

Bollywood is a technical, diverse and profound art form, as beautiful and diverse as India herself. Bollywood draws from many influences, and Dance Masala is proud to be ‘pure Bollywood’, a lively fusion of Indian and Western dance. We believe in the tradition of dance story telling, and the importance of dancing with intention and purpose. We hope to inspire our students strive for excellence in technique, performance, and expression.   Although Bollywood choreography is not “free licence” like a dance like the Macarena, we acknowledge that there is a vast existing repertoire of Bollywood steps.

Our choreography has two main intentions: –

1. Homage: we seek to transport our audience by referencing specific cinematic moments through the use of ‘signature steps’ and very occasional dance covers and;

2. Originality: to create powerful, emotive and joyous performances, through original and exciting choreography.

In meeting with its cultural responsibilities, Dance Masala invests in building relationships with the Indian community, and giving back to the Indian community through regularly performing at cultural events.