For advanced dancers, we offer pop up Sunday Workshops at Mad Dance House, Brisbane City on Sunday mornings.

We hold Technical Workshops designed to develop your foundations as a dancer and really shine in our 6-week courses! We also occsionally run pop up workshops for Level 3-4 students to push themselves, quickly pick up tricky choreography and perform.

Join us to dance and perform!

Technical Workshops: Book Your Spot

Workshops information


Technical Workshops: $30.00 or book multiple for $25.00 – apply code ‘MU3KHCF3′ at checkout to save!

Level 3 Workshops: $30.00 early bird for the 2-hour session!


Workshops are held at Mad Dance House, 2/43 Adelaide St, Brisbane City on Sundays! Keep your eyes on our instagram for our next announcement and come join us!

What is Level 3-4?

Level 3 is appropriate for dancers with a minimum of 4-years of technical or studio dance experience. Level 4 is appropriate for pre-professional or advanced dancers! Come learn and slay!


Q: Can I drop into any workshops casually?

A: We require dancers to sign up prior to the workshop for WH&S. We do hope you understand. Payment must be received by bank transfer prior to the Sunday workshop.

Q: How long is the Sunday  workshop?

A: They are usually around 1.5 – 2-hours.

Q: Can I pay at the door?

A: Bank transfer only!

Send it to Dance Masala | Account 905113667 BSB 014272 Reference: Your Name

Q: Who are the ‘Level 4’ sessions for?

A: This session is for dancers with a minimum of 6 years of studio dance experience. This is appropriate for advanced or pre-professional dancers. Come learn and slay!

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