Flashmobs & Festivals

Flashmobs & Festivals

Bollywood Dance is so well-suited to flashmobs that they are almost synonymous. Bollywood is known for its massive crowd-scenes, where suddenly you are transported to a Bollywood fantasy! One where everyone can dance, and knows all the words.

A Bollywood flashmob works like this: one dancer starts dancing in the middle of a crowded street, suddenly the beat kicks in and they are surrounded by colour and movement, as a massive group joins the dance singing along to the Bollywood songs.

Dance Masala has coordinated a number of successful Bollywood flashmobs – to highlight events and provide publicity. Whether itโ€™s a large scale event, an in-store promotion, or using dance to make a powerful statement… we can orchestrate a flashmob that people will remember!

Flashmob - Dhinka Chika

Unilodge Market Day Flashmob 2018:

National Youth Week Flashmob 2012:

FICQ Diwali Flashmob 2012: