Kids’ Birthdays

A Bollywood Birthday party is an interesting and unique theme, perfect for impressing your child and their friends! Uh oh, a princess phase? Well, no one does the Royal Treatment like Dance Masala! We offer many exciting party packages to make your child’s birthday memorable, colourful and full of Bollywood energy! From sparkling scarves, glittering bangles, games, dancing and much more, our performance company will look after the leg-work for you, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience.



A Bollywood party is most appropriate for ages 5+. All events outside the CBD will incur a travel surcharge. Max of 15 children recommended.


1 hour. Recommended age 8+

This includes a Bollywood instructor coming to your home and teaching a fab routine to you and your guests. The class includes a warm up, cool down and (for the littlies) a few dance-based games.


1 hour. Appropriate for all ages.

This includes a fully-costumed Bollywood instructor coming to your home with sparkling scarves to costume your guests. To get everyone in the spirit, each child gets bindis and bangles to wear*, then take home as a keepsake. This also includes a mini-workshop complete with games and prizes! Our instructors are bubbly, friendly and are fabulous at working with kids; they possess blue cards and can’t wait to make your child’s day a special experience. Includes themed Bollywood Party invitations (as shown below)!


2 hours. Appropriate for all ages.

This package includes the full Princess Package experience (see above), plus one-hour of mehndi. Mehndi is henna tattoos that the children can get on their hands or feet. Our henna ladies are friendly, and excellent at working with young people of all ages. They bring a henna designs on small cards, so each child can choose something special*. Includes Bollywood invitations. Watch a short video from a Royal Treatment party!


*Limitations apply, 15 children are recommended.



1. Select the packages you are interested in!

2. Send us an email with how many children will be invited, the birthday girl’s name, where the party would be and a 3-hour time window; or send all of this in an enquiry form!

3. Organise your cake, party bags and decorations; then put up your feet and relax!

 Frequently Asked Questions

“How long will henna tattoos last?”

Henna tattoos generally last between 3 days – 1 week depending on how they are treated. If your child wants them to last “forever”, we can put lemon juice on the design to make it even darker. If not, we will let the henna flake off once it is dried. The tattoo will be darker the following day, and then start to fade. Other factors like washing your hands or using moisturiser will also affect how long the tattoos last.

“Are these parties suitable for boys?”

Absolutely! With some notice, we can make sure all our choreography, activities and prizes are unisex. Often boys don’t mind wearing a bindi and getting some bangles, as often they aren’t that concerned about gender-specific things until they are a little older. If there are older brothers and cousins, and don’t want to be left out, they usually are happy to be enlisted as helpers.

“How many children are too many?”

There are enough bindis and bangles in each package for 15 children. More than 15 will incur an excess cost, or additional time with the henna lady. We highly recommend a max of 15 children for children under 7.

“What is better, holding the party inside or outside?”

A clear space inside is ideal as it is a controlled environment, better for facilitating activities for kids. It is also safer, with an even floor, no bindis (the kind we don’t like), and less likely to lead to dehydration.

“What do I need to provide, what time should I book the Bollywood activities”

You would need to provide a clear area, a sound-system, some Bollywood decorations and theming (sari’s act great as a wall decoration), a cake, and party bags (if that’s your preference). We recommend holding the Bollywood 30-minutes into the party (to allow for late-comers); and serve cake as soon as the session is done.