Welcome to Pink Milk

We are offering two incredible 4-week Doja Cat dance courses (because she is the moment),

Pink Milk Dance Classes are a Brisbane-based dance experience dedicated to being femme AF. Pink Milk is on Wednesday nights on Level 4 of the iconic Judith Wright Centre, 420 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley. Come learn a cute choreography with experienced dance instructors and opt in to feature in a gorg dance video at the end!

Early Bird is on now until Monday November 15, 2021: book in to save!

Pink milk is presented by the iconic duo: Brisbane-based drag queen Crimson Coco & Dance Masala director, Drea Choreo.


‘Like That’: Doja Cat 4-Week Course


‘Woman’: Doja Cat 4-Week Course

Course dates are: Wednesday 23rd of November – Wednesday 15th of December

• 7pm Beginner : Like That.

• 8:15pm Intermediate Woman

Drea Choreo

Drea Choreo


Drea Lam, AKA dreachoreo is a Brisbane based dancer, choreographer, writer and director of Dance Masala Bollywood Dance Company. She is all about growth, encouraging everyone to dance for longevity, and creating inclusive dance spaces where anyone can become a dancer! She cannot wait to get into it (yuh) with you all!
Stalk her here: INSTA 
Crimson Coco

Crimson Coco


Crimson Coco AKA Joseph Kirby is a Meanjin based entertainer, and dancer working in various nightclubs and production shows including Galax-she, and upcoming shows Rhythmology and Boy & Girl. She encompasses confidence and is passionate about finding your place in performance, ensuring every person in any walk of life can have the joy of dancing. She is super excited to enjoy this experience with you!

About Us

Crimson Coco and dreachoreo have been BFFs for at least 3 months and have bonded over choreography, chaos, and Asian excellence. We cannot wait for you to be indoctrinated into our brand of femme. We met performing at Shandy Party, and since then have created performances for Shandy Party & for Papaphilia.   
Prior to Pink Milk, Drea & Dance Masala created Femme hip Hop classes under the names YONCÉ and ICONIC.
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