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Bollywood (Level 1) Teacher & Mini-Masalas Coach

Dancing has been part and parcel of my life and it comes naturally to me.

I am very passionate about dance, as it allows me express myself in the best way possible. I’ve been dancing all my life but took it up seriously while doing my undergraduate degree. I was a part of the VIT Dance Club for 4 years and lead the hip hop team for a year. In that time, I’ve taught, learnt and choreographed for my team, Unitrix. Here in Brisbane, I am doing my Masters in Food Science and Technology at UQ.

I teach Bollywood and Bollyhop and am loving that at Dance Masala I can upskill by learning various styles like semiclassical and bhangra. Being a typical Bollywood fan, the dance form always excited me.

Bollyhop is my favourite! The fusion of the nakhra of Bollywood and the technicality of hip-hop creates the Masala-filled style of Bollyhop, which is my strong suit. The chill vibes with hard hits make this form extremely fun to do and a must-learn dance form for students aiming to achieve versatility, body awareness and energy control. Do come and try a class some time!