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I started Bharatanatyam at the age of 4 in Canada. It originally started off as something my mom wanted for me, as she was a Bharatanatyam dancer. However personally exploring the art form made me realize how dance was just a different way of expression. I pursued Bharatanatyam for over 10 years, completed multiple exams and had my very own arangetram. This was the real start to my dancing career.

Later in life, I explored different genres and was able to perform them in many university competitions. One of my favourite genres was Bollywood. I loved how energy filled and cinematic it was. Ever since then Iโ€™ve been addicted to performing Bollywood and chasing every opportunity to do so. This is what drove me to Dance Masala. Dance Masala really gives me the opportunity to explore different genres and express myself on stage. The technique classes teach me how to control my posture and have more body awareness. Iโ€™m so grateful to be a part of Performance Company and excited to see where this journey takes me.