Kusu Kusu – 8-Week Prerecorded Course Package – Bollywood Level 1.5 with Drea – Personal Feedback


In this 8-week ONLINE course, you will:

  • Learn Bollywood foundations such as thumkas, footworks, weight changes, and coordination of movements from opposite sides of the body – great dementia prevention!
  • Gradually learn a choreographed routine with loads of repetition to get the foundations into your body
  • All students can access the class at anytime throughout the week via links sent to you each Monday! Learn at your own pace – rewind, replay, slow down and pause whenever you like! Perfect if you learn a little slower.
  • Assignments are due on Sunday to receive feedback on Tuesdays. Final assignments are due at the end of the course for a completion certificate!
  • Have direct access to company director, Drea Choreo, for private feedback with which to improve!
  • Have access to our online community via our private Facebook group of Dance Masala students to get class news, encourage each other and watch practice videos!


Welcome to our Bollywood/Belly Level 1.5 course on Kusu Kusu! In this pre-recorded course you will learn a full dance choreography to Kusu Kusu and learn many techniques including:

  • Belly Dance Based Techniques: chest isolations and circles, hip circles, flat circles, belly shimmy, shoulder shimmy, triple hips, Maya/Taksim, Snake arms, weight changes, the hook step
  • Other isolation based techniques: Single hips, pelvic thrusts, moving with quick footworks isolating the head and neck
  • Musicality: counting and understanding of textures (hard and soft)
  • Hand/Arm movements of: snake arms, arm positions
  • Following syncopated musicality

We recommend level 1.5 for those who have prior studio dance experience. Dance technique is the foundation upon which you build dance steps. Bollywood layers hand and arm movements on top of footwork.

We release videos for this class every Monday (AEST) for incremental learning. You will receive a total of 5 tutorial videos videos PLUS 6 technique and warm-ups over 8-weeks!
Video assignments (which are to simply record the choreography or techniques you have learnt) will be submitted on Saturdays via WhatsApp. Feedback will be delivered on Tuesdays. You will receive feedback via WhatsApp voicenote and one annotated and detailed feedback video created specifically for you to improve as a dancer.

You will receive a certificate of completion for this course upon submission of all completed assignments.

Course Details:

  • 8 weeks: Start anytime!
  • Time: Your class will be emailed to you on Mondays!
  • You receive 6 classes however, you have 2 months (8-weeks) to complete the course
  • Teacher: Drea
  • Price: $75
  • Level: Bollywood Level 1.5 (advanced beginner)
  • Dancers who successfully complete the course can join in on live performances in 2022 that are offered to our Dance Masala Student Community!